The good bad sides of

Financial markets today are in a state of high alert, responding spasmodically to an onslaught of macro- and company-level shocks. Among these, protectionism has been a particularly central and recurring villain. There are two sides to every ledger, and — believe it or not — some countries are still trying to deepen international trade rather than undermine it. The recently announced Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact sadly, minus the United States is a major step forward.

The good bad sides of

Dec 7, Good morning one and all. In my point of view, government education is better than the private education system.


Government schools may not provide some facilities like toilets and less syllabus when compared to private schools but the government schools have rules to provide better education.

Better education means there is no spoon feeding like private schools. Dec 3, According to me, private is becoming worse nowadays. There are going down and government school takes their leads. Private school main moto is collecting money from the parents.

Their education level is also going down. Students are confused between their studies what to read and how to read. Beating a student is banned, so the teacher cannot able to beat them, then how to shape the students, how to make them read?

Government school students are getting state ranks in 10 and No matter whether they studied in private or government school. Bright students will excel in studies. Teachers must guide them and support them. Weak students are not basically weak.

If teachers encourage them they will also study well. So I request all teachers both in government and private sectors to encourage and support students. Nov 23, In my point of view, both private and govt education is good because what the reason is, in both systems their motive is one is to educate a children or student in a good way with discipline.

But the difference is in a private sector they are teaching different syllabus like CBSE in English language and in government schools, they are teaching normal syllabus in Tamil language otherwise there is no difference. If a student has an ability to study then he or she will be studied in any school no matter that private school or government school so judge a student by which school they have been studied.

Why Because Getting Government Job Is not easy it have more difficult exams we have to pass that so In All Government teachers are have more talent compare to private teachers. Private school teachers not get difficulty to pass Interview exams. Oct 29, According to me, private institutions are better than the government institutions because of the following reasons: Moreover the staff of the private school is punctual.

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Even the private schools cater to each and every requirement of a student with is available to them. There are many competitive or co scholastic activities which result in the overall development of the child. Whereas the condition of government schools need to be improved.

Every parent wants his child to be admitted in a private school. So it is the need of an hour to make the government school practical in learing.

The good bad sides of

English speaking is the another requirement there days as English is a dominating language these days. Basically Education, Healthcare, irrigation and Defence are always to be provided by the government only, then only that country can be grown well.

Oct 9, Hi friends. Coming to my view govt schools and colleges are better than the private colleges. Because govt colleges have taught only subject oriented not about student ranks and marks.

But In private colleges they have taught only for ranks and college top chart than other colleges. Moreover maximum number of students has interest to join private colleges only not govt colleges. No change will occur until our education system will change.

Oct 1, First, I want to say that privet and govt college both are better because they have the same aim. In those days govt school has those teachers who get their job by reservation they crack bed, rpsc exams easily because of they have the reservation.

So our govt clg, school are left behind.Money and water have exactly the same good and bad sides. Water is good to drink, but it will also drown you. A person approaches life being prudent, watchful, and skillful, or they suffer the consequences of foolishness, inattention, or incompetence.

One of the most interesting fresco cycles of the late Middle Ages was painted in the Town Hall of city of Siena. It stands out with its theme representing good and bad city government.

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After having spent 30 minutes listening to my soon eight-year-old daughter telling a joke, I can tell you with % certainty that she’s got a talent for comedy. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Italian: Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, lit.

The good bad sides of

"The good, the ugly, the bad") is a epic Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach in their respective title roles.

Its screenplay was written by Age & Scarpelli, Luciano Vincenzoni and Leone (with additional screenplay material and dialogue. People who don’t know any better will always suggest pantene.

Its everywhere buses, billboards, cable. Its easy to remember the name. My grandma and I have used that for a good 3 years thinking damn the stuff is good.

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